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Celtic Women International Tartan

Celtic Women 
International Tartan
CWI is the first women's group in the USA to have its own tartan, designed by Marjorie Warren of Thistle Studios and Lochcarran. It registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority.

The underlying background colors of the tartan are lavender and black, the colors of Celtic Women International. Four other colors are taken from the flags of the seven Celtic nations: Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales - red, white, green and blue.

Traditionally red symbolizes courages and passion. White represents purity of intention and action. Green bespeaks vitality and growth. Blue stands for serenity and quiet strength. Blending the colors of our diverse nations and heritages creates a new and rich pattern that represents bringing together the women of the seven nations to create a new and significant global body - Celtic Women International.

Celtic Women International Tartan
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Thistle Studio
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350 Crum Drive
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina 28745
Phone: 828-452-0782
Fax: 828-452-4225

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