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Local Branches of Celtic Women International

Celtic Women International (CWI) encourages groups of women to form local CWI branches. Local branches operate within the rules and by-laws of CWI, but have their own set of officers, organize their own affairs, and have the support and encouragement of the CWI Board of Directors. Local branches allow members to participate in events custom-tailored to their preferences, needs and resources. Membership in CWI includes automatic membership in the member's local branch.

Form a Local CWI Branch in Your Area
If you are interested in forming a local CWI branch, download a copy of our CWI New Branch Guide. The Guide includes suggestions for gathering a group of friends and relatives with common interests (i.e., books, music, culture/history, travel, etc.) and has many suggestions that have worked for other branches. If you have any questions, contact CWI at editor@celticwomen.org or by U.S. mail sent to:

Celtic Women International
P.O. Box 58
Butler, WI 53007

Current Local Branches
Contact Information
Regular Meetings
Maureen Smith
Third Tuesday each month
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Irish American Heritage Center - 4626 N. Knox St., Chicago
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Mary Kunert
Contact Mary for meeting information
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cindy Matyi
Contact Cindy for meeting information

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